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Dexter Cider Mill

The caption on the back of this chrome postcard reads, “Wagners Cider Mill Over a century of operation at 3685 Central St. at the Huron River Bridge Pure Fresh Apple Cider and Donuts Phone 426-8531 Dexter, Michigan. This card is a full image color chrome, showing the cider mill with a large crowd lining up. The sign on the building reads, “Cider Mill, O. Wagner & Son.”

The Dexter Cider Mill has been in operation since 1900, and is the oldest continuously operating cider mill in Michigan. The equipment used to press the cider is over a hundred years old. The site, just up the bank from the Huron River towards Dexter, was used in the 1800’s as a flour mill. John Wagner started the cider mill in 1900, and the Wagner family operated it until it was bought by the present owners, the Koziskis, in 1987. They still operate the mill in the old traditions.