Hamburg Postcards

Three views of Hell, Michigan, the central part of the town. The building shown in these three views is on Patterson Lake Road, near the bridge over the Portage River. The first view is circa 1949, with a Vintage Buick in the front. The Big sign reads, “Hell, Michigan.” In front of the store is a young woman in bobby sox and full apron. A sign on the tree reads, “ Lots and cottages for sale or rent. Inquire by 8/49, real estate agent.” Coca Cola, hamburgers, and ice cream are advertised.

A slightly later view of the Ranch House Grill in Hell. There are now mailboxes between the circle drive and the road. The sign on the tree now reads, “Come In.” Additional signage advertises souvenirs and lunches.

U. S. Post Office Hell, Michigan. Caption on the back Reads, “In 1841 whiskey stills were operated here on the banks of a small stream. This notorious place soon became known as HELL and the stream became HELL CREEK. Some years later a dam was placed here and the beautiful meandering HI-LAND Lake was formed.”