About Our Postcard Collection

We are privileged and thankful to be able to share an extensive collection of vintage postcards on this site.  These have been collected over a number of years and from many parts of the country by Neta O'Brien.  Her comments on the collection are presented below.

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Neta O'Brien

I am proud to share my collection of vintage postcards of the Portage Lake chain of lakes area.  I have loved our lake area since I first sailed on Portage Lake in 1969.  Since 1998 I have lived on the lake, and have grown to appreciate it more each year.  My history with the area goes beyond Portage Lake.  I retired from teaching in the Dexter School District in 1996.  After my early retirement, I became an antiques dealer, and since 2000 a vintage postcard dealer.  I’m still searching for vintage cards of the Portage Lake area.

This journey through the postcards of the region follows the flow of the Huron River, beginning in the village of Hamburg, following the chain of lakes through Zukey Lake, Strawberry Lake, Base Lake, and Portage Lake. The communities that surround the area of the lakes are shown, as the river and its tributaries flow from Hamburg and end in Dexter. I have done my best to identify correctly the history and location of every card. Any suggestions, corrections, or additions are welcomed by using our contact form. Enjoy the journey through our lakes region!

The Huron River flows through the lakes and communities that many of us call home. For me, it is one of the most beautiful spots in our great state of Michigan. I am grateful for this opportunity to share my postcards of our treasured area.  Thank you to Tom Ehman, Ray Howland, Dave and Carol Moody, Jim and Gloria Rooke, Dave Williams, Martin Sage, and Curt Sage for their personal assistance in identifying and locating views in the collection. Click Here for a list of sources that were invaluable in my quest to be as accurate as possible in historical and geographical information.

Neta O’Brien