Zukey Lake Postcards

Zukey Lake - Lakeland Michigan

Lakeland, Mich. The northwest corner of Zukey shows a lot of open space behind the houses and boathouses on the shoreline in this card postmarked 1909. The writer says they spent a week’s vacation in one of the cottages shown.

Zukey Lake - East Shore

East Shore of Zukey Lake, Lakeland, Mich., postmarked 1910. On a card published by Benham, an Ann Arbor publisher, the sender has marked the far left cottage as “My friend’s cottage.” On The message side of the card, the journey to Zukey Lake is described: “From Erie to Detroit on the Boat – from there to Ann Arbor & here 16 miles in the woods.”

Zukey Lake is to the north of Strawberry Lake, where the Huron River flows into the chain of lakes.