Early Settlers - The Baughn's

Early Settlers – The Baughns

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Baughn Auction
Clifford Baughn Auction
Baughn's Bluff ad
Baughn’s Bluff Ad
Baughn's Bluff 1907
Baughn’s Bluff in 1907
Baughn Home
Baughn Home in Pinckney
Baughn Cart and Mule 2
Baughn Mule and Cart
Baughn's first Snowmobile
Baughn’s “Snowmobile”
Baughn's Bluff 1956 Post Card
Postcard View from Baughn’s Bluff
Baughn's Slide Maxine Crain Baughn's Slide
Maxine Crain with Baughn’s slide in the background
Baughn's Slide Jack Crain & Lynn Johnson 1922
Jack Crain and Lynn Johnson – 1922
Another view of Baughn's slide
Another view of Baughn’s slide.
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