Hamburg Postcards

Hamburg Postcards

A journey down the Huron River and the Portage Lake chain of lakes begins in Hamburg, a small community in Livingston County. We’ll follow the course of the river, through images on vintage postcards, viewing the community, the river, and the lakes as they were in the past.

Hamburg Michigan image

Mill Race, Hamburg. Postcard with a 1912 postmark. The building on the far left corner could be the old mill.

Hamburg Michigan Image

Mill Race, Hamburg, postmarked 1917, a closer view of the Mill Race in Hamburg. The photo was taken by the same photographer, but the postmark is 1917.

In 1835, E. F. Gay bought property in the area which is now the village of Hamburg. He built a dam and Sawmill on Horseshoe Creek, a tributary of the Huron River. The Creek flows through the south end of the village into the Huron near Strawberry Lake.