History Project Contributors

This project represents the work of a large number of individuals. We take this opportunity to recognize and thank them for everything they have contributed.

Original Committee & Early Contributors

Robert Reed, Chair
Roger & Neta O'Brien
Jim Drolett
Dave Spielman
Roberta Barstow
Wally & Bene Fusilier

Bill & Patty Tupper
Bonnie & Ray Gee
Don Canham
Dorothy Sprout
Bill & Jackie Ferrington

Tom Ehman
Eric & Nancy Aupperle
Ken Holtz
Tom & Pam Hiller
Beverly & Laurie Howley

Recent Contributors

Dave Williams, Chair
Tom Ehman
Charlotte Klave Schiller
Craig Kivi
Pamela DeTullio

Neta O'Brien
Ruth Ehman
Pam Toner
Avery Bartlett
Raburn Howland

Dave Moody, Webmaster
Jan Davis
Phylis Lindblade
Victor Banta
Jack White


Current Chairman Dave Williams and Original Chairman Bob Reed