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Pinckney Postcards

Before continuing the journey down the Huron River, we’ll explore two creeks that run into Portage Lake from nearby communities, Honey Creek that runs from Pinckney, and Portage Creek that runs from Hell. Both Pinckney and Hell are important locations in the lakes community.

Scene near Pinckney

Scene Near Pinckney, circa 1910’s. Cows wade in Honey Creek as it flows under a bridge after flowing from the village of Pinckney. In the far background, barely visible above the right side of the bridge railing, you can see a vague silhouette of some of the buildings in Pinckney.

Honey creek near Pinckney

Scene Near Pinckney, postmarked 1911, showing the upstream section of Honey Creek, the opposite side of the bridge in the previous view. Both views were shot by the same photographer.

North of Mud Bay, west of the sandbar in Portage Lake, a small inlet marks the spot where Honey Creek runs into the lake. It winds from this spot to the village of Pinckney to the Gregory Recreation Area, where it begins