Baseline 01

Baseline Lake Postcards

Moonlight Along the way to Base Lake, Lakeland, Mich.

View Near Entrance to Base Lake Lakeland, Mich., postmarked 1912. This is a great view of the Huron River and the last bend before entering Base Lake. The houseboat on the peninsula between river and lake has a nameplate on its stern, “Hungry Alice.” There is a young boy with his spaniel sitting on the deck. Looking over the nice motor launch with American flag, you can see Base Lake, a few cottages visible on the far shore.

The Huron River flows out of Strawberry Lake in a southern direction, and takes two paths after a short distance. The northern split flows into Gallagher Lake, the southern into Long Lake, then back into Gallagher. Continuing its journey, the Huron flows into Whitewood Lake, then southwest into Base Lake. Though many postcards were published of the lakes area, I don’t have any cards from either Gallagher or Whitewood in my collection.