Hamburg Postcards

Portage Lake Postcards

Portage Lake – Dexter, Mich., circa 1910’s, showing the west side of the bridge over McGregor Road, looking towards Base Lake, and taken from the shoreline of the canal that is now Shell Beach Road. On the left of the canal is a man holding his bicycle next to him. Just before the opening under the bridge is a younger man in a rowboat, looking at the camera. And up at the top of the road, just before the pass over the bridge is a nice-looking carriage and horse, with a young man with a sweater that has a “D” on it (Dexter?) There is not as yet a seawall on the south side of the canal.

Mouth of Canal Portage, postmarked 1911, showing the canal looking from Portage towards McGregor Road and the cottages along Portage Lake Avenue.