Hamburg Postcards

Baseline Lake Postcards

This double postcard published by the Rotograph Co. in New York and printed in Germany, is an undivided back era card, meaning that only the address could be written on the back side. Any message would have to be written on the front, view side. The publishers gave instructions for mailing, “Write on the back of this card only your name and address. Put rubber-band around folded card.”

Cottages. South Side. Base Lake, Mich., circa early 1900’s. The view on this card is a continuation of the shoreline in the previous color postcards. The two boats shown in this card are also shown in previous south side cards.

Greetings from Base Lake. Cottages on South Side, circa early 1900’s, another double card showing the same section of the south side of Base Lake. The two boats at the end of the dock look as if they have just dropped off the two men and women who are walking off the dock onto shore towards the cottages.