Hamburg Postcards

Lakeland Postcards

AARR WRECK BETWEEN HAMBURG & LAKELAND. 11-21-08. The Ann Arbor railroad sustained a substantial train accident in 1908, east of Lakeland towards Hamburg. This photo postcard, probably shot shortly after the accident, shows the extensive damage. Men, women, and children view the wreckage from a very close distance.

AARR WRECK NEAR LAKELAND Benham, Ann Arbor, Mich. Severe damage is evident in this real photo card. Two younger men in the center are looking at an older gentleman with one leg and a cane, using the post for support.

Benham was the phtographer of the card, and was based in Ann Arbor. It is quite possible that the man to the left is Benham. He holds a camera in his left hand.