Hamburg Postcards

Lakeland Postcards

Postmarked 1906, this card shows a nice crowd of people are ready to launch to their vacation spot on the lake. The message reads, “Lakeland 14 miles north of A.A. Lots of fun, fishing & girls.”

Lakeland. From 2 docks the launches head out onto Zukey Lake. Are some of those launches overloaded? A few cottages are visible on the far shore.

Notice that the message is written on the front, or image, side of the card. In 1901 the government gave permission for private printers to use the word “Post Card” on the back. The backs were undivided, and allowed only the address to be written there. Thus, any message had to be written on the front during this era. The undivided back era of postcards was 1901-1907