Hamburg Postcards

Lakeland Postcards

Lakeland Mich. On the message side of this postcard, the addressor mentions that The Lakeland was where they spent their vacation August 11-18, 1912. By this time, The Lakeland has been equipped with a telephone, evidenced by the Bell Telephone sign on the side of the building. The photo was taken by a Detroit photographer, JH Cave.

Aunt Maggie’s Place. Lakeland, Mich. Though one source (see Terry, “Memories”) states that The Lakeland Hotel was first called “Aunt Maggs,” this printed postcard showing Aunt Maggie’s does not appear to be the same building as the Lakeland.

The two postcards shown here illustrate the differences between a real photo Postcard and a “printed” card. The real photo card on the top is a copy of the original photo. The printed card on the bottom is less clear, and under magnification shows the dots used to produce it.