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Portage Lake Postcards

Greetings from Portage Lake, Mich., postmarked 1910. A panoramic shot from the water to the Bluff on Portage Lake, this view shows plenty of activity on the lake, both on lake and on shore.

Baughn’s Bluffs Portage Lake Pinckney, Mich., dated 1927. In 1903 Clarence Baughn bought a large farm which included the bluff area on Portage Lake. He started the subdivision in the area which was known as Baughn’s Bluffs. In that era, the village of Pinckney was a good trip by horse and buggy, though only three miles away.

A S Lyndon produced many cards of the Portage Lake area. This printed card is one of the easiest cards for a collector to find.

The roads that lead to the waterfront at the Bluff are all named for children of the Baughn family: Sarah, Clarence, William, Earl, Louis, and Nita.