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Dexter Postcards

Ann Arbor Street, Dexter, Mich., postmarked 1911. Published by E.H. Carpenter, of Dexter, this full image litho postcard shows Ann Arbor Street, the main street of the village. Ann Arbor Street continues up the hill, where you can see the top of the building that was the high school at the time. The road that splits toward the left around Monument Park in the middle is Central Street. There are already sidewalks around the Park. The addressor of this card says that the view is, “a street in a village of about 900 inhabitants.”

Ann Arbor Street, Dexter, Mich., circa early 1900’s. Similar view to the top card, from the ground view.

Samuel Dexter settled in the area in 1824, and purchased the land which is now the village. He named the village for his father (who was a US Senator, Secretary of War, and Secretary of the Treasury.) The town was platted in 1830. Samuel Dexter was a County Court Justice, and one of the first postmasters in the area, operating out of his home and delivering mail to Ann Arbor by horseback.