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Pinckney Postcards

Acrost (sic) The Pond to Pinckney, postmarked 1910. Looking across the pond created by the dam in Honey, or Pinckney Creek, and beyond a few houses and farms, you can see the rooftops of the buildings on Main Street in Pinckney.

Main St. – Pinckney, Mich., circa early 1900’s. This card is one of the few cards in my collection that show a local village in winter. There are drays with runners, cutters, horses with blankets, and quite a bit of snow on Main Street. This scene shows Main Street looking west to east.

In the 1920’s, Henry Ford purchased the property around the Mill Pond, proposing to build a factory in the area. The old mill was torn down, and the level of the Mill Pond was lowered, but the plans were never implemented.

Because this is a printed card, and not a real photo card, some of the details on the storefronts are difficult to decipher.