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Portage Lake Postcards

Big Portage Lake, Pinckney, Mich., circa 1940’s. Many cars are parked outside the store now called the Trading Post. The only commercial signs on the building read, “Beer And Wine.” The building to the left has a sign reading, “Soda Dairy.” That building was most recently The Log Cabin Hardware.  It is currently being redeveloped as "Ore Creek" to open in the Spring of 2016.

Trading Post 9270 McGregor Rd. Portage Lake – Pinckney, Mich. In a later shot of the Trading Post, we have much more signage to tell the life the building led. There’s a phone booth to the left of the building, and now an electric sign identifying it as the Trading Post, with Sealtest ice cream advertised. Two Coca Cola signs are shown on the front, The Detroit Times was sold in racks along the front, and there is a sign leaning against the side of the building reading, “Pocahontas Coal for Sale Here.” The inset lets us know that no checks were accepted.

A familiar landmark on McGregor Road, which runs between Portage and Base Lakes, the Trading Post is still a popular stop for locals and visitors to the Portage Lake area.